The following pictures were taken on two cold evenings in febuary 2004 when the band took part in the filming of a street party scene for the feature film 'Fated'. The film is set on new years eve in Liverpool and is described as a 'modern fairytale' by the makers, Ace films We were named as 'Wirral Samba Band' in the film's credits. View the credits on acrobat.

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Arrival on the set on a cold winter evening Ffxing Rrbbons on the drums On the Street Waiting for the shout of 'Action' at a rehearsal
Just after finishing a take Cast and Crew watch  a take on  the monitor Braving the cold in between shooting Having a lunch break at 9pm
Keeping Warm on a very cold night The lights are too bright Keeping warm with the help of the lights Arriving for the second night's shooting
Waiting for the call in the Green Room Surdo section rehearsing on the Victoria Monument steps in Liverpool Rehearsing on the Victoria Mnument in Liverpool Full band on the steps of the Victoria Monument in Liverpool