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With Angela Eagle. MP at Liscard Primary.

Playing Drums
Playing drums is a unique experience and one of the few musical experiences which need no formal musical training. To get a sound out of a drum is not difficult and samba drumming is therefore immediately accessible. It depends on how far you want to progress of course and when you attend a samba workshop we can guide you through the basics of hitting a drum in time and keeping a steady 'beat' or 'rhythm' to playing slightly more difficult rhythms. Just like anything else it may take time to develop real skill if you haven't tried it before.

.If you think you may have a an interest in playing drums or any one of the other instruments in the samba percussion section please get in touch

We have provided Samba workshops for:
  • Wirral Green Fayre
  • Birkenhead Festival
  • Alexanders Jazz Bar, Chester
  • The Umbro Cup, Manchester.
  • Wirral Food & Drink Festival
  • Cheshire Carers Society
  • Tawd Vale Scout Gathering
  • Diversity Festival at Pacific Rd Theatre
  • Neighbourhood Regeneration, Bootle
  • Stagecoach Stage School, Nantwich
  • Cuddington Youth Group, Northwich
  • Youth Inclusion Group, Northwich
  • Snap Youth Club, Wirral
  • Sundowners Society, Wirral
  • Youth Organisations (see young adults)
  • Local Schools (see schools page)


Wirral School of Samba organize samba drumming workshops for the local community. The next course will be at Oldershaw School, Wallasey on monday evenings at 7.00pm during Feb - Marxch. If you are interesting in coming along please email us.

Who attends the workshops?
Anyone who is interested in playing. Samba has no barriers regarding race, creed, age, etc. Drumming is truly a universal language and drumming in any community is a good way of breaking down any artificial barriers. Drumming in groups fosters a sense of 'connectedness'.

Rhythm is around us constantly, in the regular rhythms and cycles of nature, in the rhythm of sleeping and waking etc.When we walk down the road we are creating a regular pattern of movement, a rhythhm. In actual fact we could not live without it regardless of if we aware of it's presence in our lives or not.

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